Saint Louis FC Announces New DNT Box Office

Saint Louis FC Announces New DNT Box Office

DNT believes business is personal and offers a wide variety of services that are tailored to each of its clients.  DNT specializes in office hardware, IT services, managed print services, and more.  Businesses that use DNT benefit from money-saving solutions for everyday applications.

As a locally owned and operated company, DNT sees itself as a part of the St. Louis community.  That's why DNT will be sponsoring the new DNT Box Office at Saint Louis FC.  DNT has provided equipment and continuing service that has been helpful to Saint Louis FC's ability to give fans the best experience possible when buying tickets and becoming club members.  Saint Louis FC is proud to have partners like DNT that put people first.

"Many employees in the DNT family are soccer enthusiasts, making this commitment a natural and fun extension of how we are already supporting the local community," said Mike Flynn, Major Account Manager for DNT.

Saint Louis FC Director of Corporate Partnerships, Kevin Wygant is also grateful for the printers, copiers, and office hardware that DNT has provided Saint Louis FC.  Wygant said "DNT has been a big help for Saint Louis FC in rebuilding our facilities after the flood, and we would like to thank DNT for their support."