Balancing Fatherhood and the Professional Soccer Player Lifestyle

Balancing Fatherhood and the Professional Soccer Player Lifestyle

Ryan Thompson and Brandon Barklage are just a two of the many STL FC players who balance being a professional soccer player and a father.

Thompson is a recent first time dad, and has been traveling with the Jamaican National team. He found out he made the Jamaican team for Copa Centenario the same day he became a dad.

It has been difficult for him to be away from his family, but he gives credit to his wife for keeping things under control. "Babies can be a handful and I feel bad having to leave my wife to do everything on her own."

Overall, Thompson is enjoying fatherhood despite the challenges. "My daughter keeps me up late at night and then smiles at me in the morning, like she is saying have a good day at practice. It's everything and more that I've imagined."

Barklage shares the same feelings about being a father. His favorite part of the day is seeing the excitement of his daughter when he gets home from training.

He puts his family over soccer saying, "I'm a Dad first, soccer player second. I make sure I spend as much time as possible with my daughter while I'm in town. My daughter and my family have always meant more to me than anything else in life."

He would like to warn parents too, "Try not to let your son or daughter wander around the house with your phone.  It will end up in the toilet."

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