Saint Louis FC and Electrical Connection "Shop with a Cop"

Saint Louis FC and Electrical Connection "Shop with a Cop"


ST. LOUIS, MO – Earlier this year, Electrical Connection teamed with Saint Louis FC to expand its support of the St. Francis County "Shop with a Cop" program to help Ferguson, Mo. launch its own program.

"Shop with a Cop" is one of the most successful law enforcement community trust-building programs.  It raises money so law enforcement can take disadvantaged children holiday shopping to get gifts they would not otherwise receive.  Since 1993, the Electrical Connection has donated more than $60,000 to the Saint Francis County "Shop with Cop," which serves 500 children annually. 

"The Electrical Connection's commitment to our 'Shop with a Cop' program has helped it become the largest in the country," said St. Francis County Sherriff Dan Bullock.  "And we are pleased they are using their partnership with Saint Louis FC to not only further support of our program, but to expand it to Ferguson, Mo." 

"'Shop with a Cop' has been extraordinarily successful in building a bond with the community," said Ferguson Police Chief Delrish Moss.  "We are grateful the Electrical Connection's partnership with Saint Louis FC is helping us energize our community engagement with 'Shop with a Cop' this December." 

The Electrical Connection's expanded its outreach for "Shop with a Cop" last summer when it introduced and sponsored Saint Louis FC's "Christmas in July" fundraiser at its July 30, 2016 soccer game.  The more than $3,300 raised supported not only the St. Francis County "Shop with a Cop" program, but helped the Ferguson police department expand its "Shop with a Cop" program.

Saint Louis FC participated in the "Shop with a Cop" events on December 15th in Farmington, Mo. and Ferguson, Mo.

The 24th annual "Shop with a Cop" in Farmington, Mo. had over 535 children arrive on 20 school busses from all over St. Francis County. In partnership with Total Electric, each child received $100 tax-free to spend on a shopping spree in the company of a police officer.

Saint Louis FC defender AJ Conchran was on-hand to shop with the kids and support the cause. "It's very eye-opening, a very special moment to be here today," Cochran said. "I love doing these events to support the kids, meet them, and I think it's a great event."

The 'Shop with a Cop' event in Ferguson, Mo. had over 55 children participating with each child receiving a new coat and their choice of three toys. The purchase of these four items for each child is made possible by the partnership with Electrical Connection. 

"I think there is a true 'All Fleur One' approach to all of this," said Kevin Wygant, STLFC Sr. Director of Corporate Partnerships. "The community includes law enforcement, the citizens, Electrical Connection, and our efforts to raise money for a great program."

"Sometimes these families don't have a lot of resources, so for Electrical Connection to put this on for these kids and the looks on their faces, it's just amazing," Cochran added.