Ticket Information

What packages are available for sale?

Shop all available packages here .

What benefits do I get as a Season Ticket Member?

A complete list of benefits and amenities are available for view here .

*Season ticket package prices start as low as $160. Zero-interest payment plans are available through the start of the season . Placing a deposit allows you to choose your seat location, and season ticket benefits are redeemable once payment in full for the package has been received.

When are payment(s) for season tickets due?

Invoices have been sent via email to all current season ticket holders for the sections and seat quantity they chose. Ticket holders may pay the entire balance or opt for a no-interest payment plan.

Payments may be made through your online account manager or by calling (636) 680-0997.  For questions, please contact tickets@saintlouisfc.com .

Can I sit next to my friend if we have season tickets in the same section?

Your season ticket account representative will do their best to accommodate you and your friend(s) to arrange seating locations next to one another. 

If I buy a season ticket, do I get the same seat to every match in my season ticket package?

Yes (other than for season tickets in sections designated as general admission).

What is the refund policy for Season Tickets?

A deposit on a season ticket is fully refundable up until the season ticket is purchased (accompanied either by payment in full or by a commitment to a payment plan). At that time, the deposit shall be applied to the purchase price of the season ticket and no longer will be refundable.  All season ticket purchases are final; no refunds or exchanges are permitted.

In the event that any match included in your season ticket package is cancelled or otherwise does not occur (such as playoff matches or exhibition matches), a portion of the purchase price of such season ticket package will be applied as a non-refundable deposit toward the purchase price of your season ticket package for the season immediately following the season in which the unplayed match occurs, unless you request a refund.

All single game tickets are non-refundable unless a match is canceled on the account of weather. Refunds are not available for postponed matches.  

Is parking included in the season ticket packages? How will parking be assigned?

Parking is not included in season ticket packages, with the exception of Soccer Park Club members. However, season ticket holders are able to purchase pre-paid parking for the season, so they do not have to worry about paying for parking on match days. 

What form will my season tickets come in?

We will provide season tickets in the form of a commemorative ticket booklet for all tickets purchased on or before February 1st, 2017. We know that Season Ticket Members enjoy giving tickets to friends and co-workers/employees, so we want to assist with that process in any way possible. Your Saint Louis FC Account Manager will also allow you to print or forward tickets to friends via email so you do not have to tear from your booklet. 

Do Season Ticket Members receive a discount on team merchandise?

Yes! All season ticket members receive a unique discount code for online merchandise as well as at the Soccer Park Fan Shop.

Are tickets to the playoffs included in my season ticket package?

Playoff tickets, exhibition matches, and non-USL regular season tournaments played at St. Louis Soccer Park will be offered to season ticket members at a discount but are not included in the season ticket package.  Season ticket members will be informed by the Saint Louis FC ticketing office and receive priority to purchase their regular section seats for additional matches prior to the general public. 

How does the Priority Purchase Period for Single Game Tickets work?

Season ticket members will receive a priority purchase period where you can buy single game tickets to Saint Louis FC matches before the general public, pending inventory availability. Make sure to keep an eye out for club news and special announcements via the club newsletter.

What is General Admission seating?

General admission seating means that your ticket allows you access to a specific seating section, but there are no assigned seat numbers within that section. It is a “first come, first served” seating environment. Many sports enthusiasts prefer general admission seating because they are not “locked” to one location for all home games and they can sit with different groups of fans for each game.

What is the difference between the Supporter's section and regular General Admission tickets?  What is the experience like in this section and what does it mean to be a “Supporter”?

Supporter's groups are stand-alone organizations operated independently from any team or club. The supporter's section is where the club’s most vocal and enthusiastic fans sit during matches.  Ticket members in this section are also required to stand the entire match. If you would like to sit in the supporter's section, we will refer you to the St. Louligan's supporter's group to receive information on the club’s membership program. To learn more about the St. Louligans, please  visit them on Facebook or join at  http://stlouligans.com/ .

What about Accessible Seating?

Accessible seating is available at all Saint Louis FC matches. Accessible seating is reserved exclusively for patrons with accessible needs and their companion. Depending upon availability, we will make efforts to ensure that seats for additional guests will be located as close as possible to the accessible space. This policy ensures that we are able to accommodate all those that need accessible seating.

We are committed to working with patrons on a case-by-case basis to adequately accommodate individual needs. Please call us at 636-680-0997 for questions regarding accessible seating.

Do infants have to pay for a ticket?

No. Children two years old and younger will receive a complimentary access assuming they will be sitting on the lap of a parent or guardian.  If the child has reached their third birthday, they must have a ticket to enter.

How do I pick up Will Call tickets?

Will Call tickets may be picked up on the day of the event, at the window under the portico, facing the main entrance of the Soccer Park. You must provide photo identification in order to obtain tickets left in your name. Please remember to distribute tickets ahead of time for friends and family. Saint Louis FC cannot take tickets on behalf of fans for third parties at Will Call.

What time does the Marco Box Office open on gameday?

The Marco Box Office will be open from 10 am to 3 pm then reopen when the parking lot opens, two hours prior to kickoff. Single game tickets will be on-sale pending availability. Please see full STL Soccer Park venue information here .

What is the Saint Louis FC Ticket Disclaimer?

As a reminder to all fans, please be wary of fraudulent or counterfeit tickets to Saint Louis FC matches.  Counterfeit tickets will not be accepted for admission to the event.  For your protection, we advise you to ensure that your tickets were acquired either directly from Saint Louis FC (through our season ticket or group ticket programs) or from our designated ticket servicing agent, Veritix.

All single game tickets are non-refundable unless a match is canceled on the account of weather. Refunds are not available for postponed matches.  

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